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Monday, February 4th, 2013
What I’m Doing

It’s been a while since I’ve given you guys an update. Sorry about that! But the good news is, I’m writing to you, right now on Monday morning around 9:30 am or so, from my HOME office. Why? Because I’ve quit my day job. Also, I’ve quit my editing job (yes, I had three jobs, counting the writing). I’ve cleared everything I possibly could from my schedule so I can devote my full attention to writing. Of course, I couldn’t sell my kids off or anything like that, so they’re still around. :D But with the youngest still in day care and starting pre-K this fall, and the oldest in high school, they aren’t around to distract me for most of the day, at least for now. Whew.

So it’s time to tell you what’s on the horizon, now that I have no excuses. :) My MOST often asked question is will there be any follow-up books to Rock Me or Leave Me Breathless. Well…hopefully you know about “Light Me Up,” that naughty little number in the A Very Naughty Christmas anthology. It’s a short follow-up to Brian and Candace. Check it out! The thing I’m working on now is a novella for Ghost and Macy–it isn’t a follow-up, but a prequel. Ever wondered exactly what happened in the car before the events of Leave Me Breathless? You’ll find out. After that, it’s full steam ahead on Gabriella Ross’s book, wherein you will see them all again.

So. As far as any novel-length follow-ups where these guys are the main characters…no, probably not. Other writers do that, and kudos to them. Me? I kinda want to move on to other things once my characters get their happy-ever-after (I’m usually SICK of them by then, lol). But it’s always fun to revisit. I hope that answers your questions, but if not then feel free to fire away at me here. :)

I’d REALLY love to meet a lot of you on June 29 in Orlando, Florida at Maryse’s Book Bash. I’ll be there signing Rock Me and Unleashed–unfortunately LMB won’t be in print by then (October 1, in case you were wondering). I hope you can make it out.

And last but not least, I hope you are having a fabulous 2013 so far, and here’s to a PRODUCTIVE one for me!

All my best,

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Christmas came a little early! Light Me Up is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and All Romance eBooks (click the link to go to the Books page for buy links).

Still waiting for it to appear on Kobo and iBooks. 


Update: It’s now available on Kobo, iBooks, and in print from Amazon.

Thursday, November 29th, 2012
Light Me Up

So have you been good all year? Yes? Well, where’s the fun in that? ;)

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this Christmas, you’re getting a present from me and some of my awesome author friends. Olivia Cunning, Cari Quinn, Stephanie Julian, Raven Morris and myself have all joined forces to bring you A VERY NAUGHTY XMAS. As you might have heard, my contribution to this anthology is a sexy little number called “Light Me Up,” wherein I give you a glimpse into a very special Christmas for Brian and Candace of Rock Me. The back blurb reads: “She’s hoping for a little sparkle in her stocking this year. He’s planning a night that’s anything but silent.”

You should be able to buy this in ebook format from all the retailers on Monday. Also, there’s a print edition coming, but I don’t have an ETA on that yet. I’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, here’s a tiny glimpse to whet your appetite…


Their apartment—his apartment that she’d moved into not long after they got together—was a sight for sore eyes. Decorated mostly with his art and a few of her girly touches, it was small but she considered it the first real home she’d ever had. Her parents’ house was like a museum: gigantic, cold, and while you could look, you could never, ever touch. Her first apartment had been paid for with their money and while she’d decorated it herself, it had been under her mother’s critical eye. But Sylvia had never stepped foot here, and probably never would. That was fine with Candace.

She moved around turning on lamps and then plugging in the lights on their Christmas tree. Brian started some music.

“So ready to get out of this dress,” she said, heading for the bathroom to do just that.

“I’m ready too,” Brian called after her, giving her a shiver of happiness.

“Want to help?”

“You know it.”

She flipped on the bathroom light and curled her lip at her appearance. “I suppose that’s a part of the plan you have for me tonight?”

“A big part.” He appeared behind her, and she smiled at his reflection in the mirror.

“Want to clue me in yet?”

Without giving a reply, he slid his hands up her bare arms, leaving gooseflesh in their wake, then pulled the straps of her dress down. “You’ll put your hair back up for me?”

“Of course. You just like messing it up, don’t you?”

“I do, but not this time.” A tug at the back of her dress, then a loosening as he pulled down the zipper. She stood still as he let the fabric slip down her body and pool at her feet, glad to be rid of it. In short order, her strapless bra followed, leaving her naked since he’d demolished her panties in her old bathroom.

She watched in the mirror as his gaze slowly slid down and up again, seeming to caress her every curve and lingering on his favorite ones: her breasts and nipples with their silver rings. His fingers lightly traced around her waist to her belly, hands forming a V as he moved them down to the bare juncture of her thighs. He watched the slow progression intently, and she loved watching him. Before she knew it, her breath was coming in shallow pants as arousal tightened her muscles under his seeking fingers.

“I’m going to draw you like this,” he said, and her knees went weak. Again.

Monday, November 12th, 2012

What a wild ride the last week has been! Leave Me Breathless has performed so far beyond my expectations that I’m…well, left breathless! Right now, it’s at #7 in the Kindle store. Not in Contemporary, not in Romance, but over-freaking-all. How unbelievable is that!

I’m overjoyed that it’s doing so well. The only problem with this success is that I don’t think I can single-handedly answer all of the various correspondence I’ve received, as I’m also working WILDLY on a project. More on that later. I hope you can understand. What I decided to do is address the most frequently asked questions I’ve received here in one place, and maybe if you see these questions brought up elsewhere, at Goodreads or Facebook and such, you can get the word out for me. Or just keep it to yourself and be in the know. ;)

The main questions I’ve received are “Why no epilogue for Leave Me Breathless?” and “What’s next for you?” — and of course a statement: “Please write more in this series!” I can pretty much answer all of those together.

The reason there isn’t a prologue in LMB is the same reason there isn’t one in Rock Me. I’m not through with these guys! Gabriella’s book is next–you’ll see a lot of Brian and Candace in that one. A lot of Evan and Kelsey, too.  It’ll kind of wrap up all their stories. Ghost and Macy…well, they were a monkey wrench tossed into the Ross siblings, but I’ll probably cook up something for them too–though I doubt it will be a full novel. Another reason is that I’m just not ready to send these guys down the aisle yet. I’m *certainly* not ready to give them babies. I love them carefree, spontaneous and without responsibility…and babies kinda take that away. Sorry, but they do! :) So I wouldn’t look for that. Evan and Kelsey were more than ready for a kid. These guys…I can’t even wrap my head around the thought at the moment.

Now, about that mystery project I mentioned. It’s a Christmas novella starring Brian and Candace. It will appear in an anthology with several other FABULOUS authors. The best part? We’re desperately trying to move this thing out to you guys NEXT WEEK for the Thanksgiving holiday. Awesome, right? The title I’m kicking around is “Light Me Up.” It just jumped out at me from a bit of cute dialogue they share. Oh, how I love these guys. I’m really excited about this; I hope you are, too.

As for what’s next beyond the Ross siblings…well, I’m not sure! But I’ll definitely keep you updated.

Any other Q’s, just leave them in comments and I’ll *try* to get to them. Once this novella is finished, I’ll have some breathing room. I’ll be forever grateful to you guys for all your support. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
Last One!

Here’s your final excerpt from Leave Me Breathless! Why? Because a mere week from today, you can have the whole freaking thing!

Here are Ghost and Macy in that awkward “We had blisteringly hot sex, now what?” phase. I so love them (though I might not have said that while I was writing them, lol). :) Enjoy! And thanks a million for hanging in there with me!


As soon as the others were gone, Ghost stepped over and shut the door. Macy’s eyebrows were practically in her hairline when he turned back to her.
“Hi,” she said simply.
He could only stare at her for a moment, then shook his head. “Damn, girl.”
“What, she asks.”
“Well…what? I mean really. I don’t know what to say, I don’t know… I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.” She blew out a breath, her gaze on the floor in the vicinity of his boots. She pulled that luscious bottom lip between her little white teeth. Jesus help him, he wanted to do the same thing with it.
He waited until her eyes flickered back up to him. “You seemed to know what the hell you were doing the other night. And I liked that.”
“That part’s easy. It’s this part I don’t like. You know we’re going to have to be around each other sometimes—our best friends live together. I don’t want it to be awkward for everyone. Including us.”
“Okay, so let’s deal with it. Here and now. Do you want to keep seeing me? Don’t worry about hurting my feelings or any shit like that. I’m a big boy; I can take it. But I’m not down for games at all. I let you have a few days’ cooling off time, and I’ve been thinking too.”
“Oh? What are you thinking?”
“Come on, Mace. You’re beautiful, and you’re accomplished, and any time a girl like you wants to hang out with a guy like me, you’d better believe I realize what a fucking idiot I’d be to pass that up.”
“Maybe I don’t want you to want me just because I’m…those things.”
“All right, I didn’t word that so well.” He was opening his mouth to go on, but she held up a hand.
“Listen, Seth…I think we’ve done this all backwards.”
She crossed her arms, her gaze startlingly direct under her cap. “Backwards for me. Typically, I get to know a guy before I land in the sack with him. That didn’t happen here. In the beginning, that was okay. I didn’t count on wanting anything more with you. I thought it would just be fun, like we said.”
“So you’re saying…you do want more?”
“All I’m saying at this moment is that I don’t really know you…but I would like to.”
Hell, if she got to know him, really know him, she might run screaming. This was a good thing, though. She hadn’t run yet. He thought about all the nights he could spend slowly exploring her beautiful body without rushing to memorize it all before she booted his ass out of her bed and her life. All the hours he could spend inhaling the vanilla sweetness of her skin, her hair. Oh yeah, he wanted to get to know her better.
“Maybe we should cool off?” she asked.
All his sensuous fantasies ground to a halt. Cool off? That did not compute. “What?”
Macy cleared her throat, for the first time glancing away and absently studying the drawings on the board. “You could, I don’t know, ask me on a date? A regular date?”
Do things the way she was used to having them done. Give her her comfort zone. He could handle that. But not without a little teasing. She might as well know that about him right away, if she didn’t already. “Fine. I didn’t want to have sex with you again anyway.”
God, he loved her smile. Even more when it was accompanied by her laugh. She graced him with both at that moment. “Gee, thank you. I feel much better about this whole thing.”
“You? I’m the one who was just informed about the whole cooling-off thing.”
“It’s not that I don’t want to sleep with you again. Honestly? I want to drag you home right now. It’s all I’ve thought about. But…” She sighed and shook her head. “I have thought about it, and I don’t want to get caught up in something like that. It’s not for me. I don’t want a revolving-door relationship. I don’t need someone blowing in and out of my life. Either you’re going to be around or you’re not. There’s no in-between with me. If you can’t deal with that…”
He stepped forward and took her hands in his. Warm and supple. But strong. Just like her. “Where should our first date be?”
She blinked up at him. In the bright overhead lights, her freckles were more prominent. And her lips too, pink and glistening with the gloss she wore. He wanted to taste it, touch her face, hell, plant her back against the wall right here, but he held off. Yeah, maybe his self-imposed restriction on getting involved had just been blown to hell and gone, but he didn’t care. Not when she looked at him like that. What could it hurt to see where things went?
“In case you haven’t realized,” she said with a wink, “I really am an old-fashioned girl. You can decide.”
“All right, but I think I should give you fair warning.” He leaned down and put his forehead to hers, their noses nestling next to each other as she tilted her head up to meet him. “I’ll give you all the dates you want. But that cooling-off thing? I can’t promise you that.”


Sunday, September 2nd, 2012
Reunite With Some Old Friends

We’re only a little over two months away from the release of Leave Me Breathless! In celebration, I thought I’d unveil another excerpt for you. By popular demand, this one includes Brian. ;) But be warned it also includes the one scene in which Evan and Kelsey from Unleashed appear, so if you’d like to save that and savor it when the book releases, you might stay away from this one. (But don’t worry, there’s plenty more Brian!)

If you just can’t wait, then by all means, enjoy!


It had been three days, and he hadn’t heard a word out of her. Ghost might as well face it; she was a girl who stuck to her guns. He admired that. He mostly stuck to his too, except when it came to her, the gun he stuck to was perpetually cocked and ready to fire.

One excellent thing about his Saturday night was that Gus actually dragged in to practice, cohesively, no less, and they’d just about blown the roof off the house. They’d even started a bunch of new material. Seemed both the axmen had a lot of aggression to work out, and the rest of the guys had stepped up and added their respective flavors too. Even Mark had been happy. Neighbors had complained. It was an incredible feeling, what he lived for. By the time he left, he was still juiced up.

With nowhere to go and nothing to do. So he swung by Dermamania, thinking what a loser he must be to go to his workplace to hang out on his night off.

Nah. It just meant he had an awesome job.

“You know, if you’re so fuckin’ bored, I’ve got plenty you can do,” Brian said as Ghost made his entrance.

“Ooh. I’m sure you do, loverboy.”

“Jesus. I guess I left myself wide open for—shit, that’s no good either.”

Laughter erupted from artists and clients alike. “You know I can’t go a single night without you, Bri-baby. Is Candace not here? You and I can slip in your office and—”

“Please!” Starla cried. “Spare us.”

“You know you love it, my little voyeur.” Starla grinned as if to say there was no use denying it. Ghost hoisted himself up on the counter at his station. “What’s going on tonight, kids?”

Brian shook his head. “Nothing here. Work, home, sleep.”

“Come on, man. It’s Saturday night.”

“Says the guy who hasn’t been here all day.”

“Old ass.”

He laughed at that. “I’m no older than you are, dude.”

“He’s just domesticated now,” Starla said.

“Poor strapped bastard. Where is the domesticator, anyway?”

“Across the street at the coffee shop.” Brian glanced up at him. “With Macy.”

Shit. The pause had been so unnecessary, as were the little grins that passed among the others. Ghost could only hope he kept his expression bland and uninterested.

“Oh yeah? And here I was hoping you were gonna tell me they were in your office in the sixty-nine.” Good. That sounded like something he would say.

“You wish.” Brian’s eye was caught by something outside the front windows. “Hell. It’s my brother.”

Ghost followed his gaze out to see Evan Ross and his wife Kelsey striding quickly through the light rain. Brian waited until Evan had pulled open the door before cupping a hand to his mouth and shouting toward the back, “Hey! Hide all the crack!”

Ghost laughed while he considered bolting. He didn’t have one reason to be concerned that a state prosecutor was walking into his place of business, but Evan had a way of making them all feel like they had something to hide. Even when he was in jeans instead of a suit, the dude wore authority. He couldn’t help it.

They laughed good-naturedly at Brian’s joke, Kelsey walking over to give her brother-in-law a hug. Evan glanced around the shop with his all-too-assessing gaze, nodding at Ghost when he caught his eye. Always good to have friends in high places. Even if you never actually cared to see those friends.

“To what do I owe the dubious honor?” Brian asked, hopping up to sit on the counter as Evan turned back to him.

“Kelsey wants to get my name tattooed on her ass,” he said, earning himself a smack on the arm and his wife’s laughter.

And he could be pretty laid back too.

“Can’t a guy visit his kid brother?” Evan asked once she’d subsided.

“Not if he insists on calling him kid brother.”

“You should realize by now he only does it to annoy you,” Kelsey said. “Where’s Candace?”

“Off somewhere smoking up. Or mainlining. Or she might be getting coffee across the street. Where’s Alex?”

“At Mom’s,” Evan said. “We’re having the rare date night…though they might get more plentiful the closer we get to moving. She’s trying to soak up all the baby-time she can.”

“And so you come by to…get your name tatted on Kelsey’s ass? Ev on one cheek and an on the other, right?”

Kelsey was turning redder than her cherry-red sweater, covering her mouth in her laughter. Evan shook his head. “You are all kinds of wrong.”

“Hey,” Starla piped up, “I just had an idea. You should name your next baby boy Kevin. It would be like a combination of both your names.”

Brian’s upper lip curled. “That’s lame. God, you’re lame, Star.”

“We actually thought of that before we settled on Alex,” Kelsey said, putting her hands on her hips in mock offense.

“That’s because you’re both sappy dorks.”

“Ha. You talk smack, but we’ve all learned how sappy you can be too. It’s only a matter of time before you have Candace’s name on your ass,” Evan said.

“Can I say for the record that I always throw out very strong hints to my clients that they should not tattoo a significant other’s name onto their bodies? It’s their skin; they can do what they want. But I don’t care how long they’ve been together or how solid it looks. It never fails they’ll be back here a few weeks later, sobbing to me that they want it covered up. Sometimes I swear you need to be a licensed counselor to go into this business.”

“Aw, come on, Bri,” Kelsey said. “You wouldn’t get a tattoo of Candace’s name? Even a little one? I know you would.”

He grinned. “Oh, I’ve already got it, but it’s somewhere you can’t see.”

“Too much information, Brian,” Evan said as the room erupted in sounds of disgust.

Brian put a hand over his chest. “On my heart.”

This time the gagging sounds were even louder.

“That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!” Kelsey cried over it all.

“Are you slackin’ off or what, dude?” Brian asked Evan. “Here I am, having to give your wife her romantic thrills and all.”

“Don’t let him snow you,” Evan said, drawing Kelsey close to his side. But even he had a grin on his face.

“I always knew Brian was a closet romantic,” she said. “I called it a long time ago, didn’t I? It just took the right woman to bring him out.”

Evan dropped a kiss on the tip of her nose, smiling down into her eyes. “Isn’t that all it ever takes?”

“All right, get a room. And no more talk of me being romantic in here.” Brian plucked at the front of his T-shirt. “I have an image to uphold.”

Ghost had sat watching the rampant mushiness in speechless dismay. Macy’s words in the car the other night came back to haunt him, when she’d said that sometimes things work out. He wished he could believe that for himself. Looking at the two relationships represented here, Brian’s and Evan’s, he could almost have hope. Of course, both of them were still in their infancy stages in the grand scheme of things. But he was beginning to realize he would be more surprised if Brian and Candace didn’t work out than if they did. In all the years he’d known him, Ghost had never seen his friend this way. And if Evan and Kelsey ever busted up…well, it would shake up the entire town.

He’d never felt deserving of it himself. He considered himself a confident-enough guy, but what in the ever-loving fuck could possibly be so appealing about him that another person would want to spend the rest of her life with him? He didn’t get it. Like Gus, he was fucked up, only in different ways. And look what Gus’s girl kept putting him through.

Candace and Macy took that moment to sweep in the front door, both laughing about something, but Macy’s vibrant smile faltered a bit when she saw him. Not in disappointment, though. Her eyes brightened. He didn’t know why or how, but he got the impression her heart had leaped into her throat. His had. Or maybe he was just fucking delusional where she was concerned. Nonetheless, he returned what smile she managed for him.

Kelsey and Candace rushed into a hug, both trilling with delight at seeing each other. Macy greeted Kelsey and Evan warmly, but Ghost didn’t miss her gaze sliding over to him every few seconds. Because he couldn’t stop looking at her.

Her cheeks, all flushed with the bite of cold. He remembered them flushed from arousal. Her bright hazel eyes—maybe he’d put the light there; it hadn’t been there the first night he’d seen her before their interlude in his car.

She was one of those girls who remarkably had a different hairstyle every time he saw her. Sometimes curly, sometimes long and sleek, sometimes in a variety of stylishly sloppy updos. Tonight it was simple—one dark sweep tucked behind both ears under her off-white knit cap. Her ears were slightly pink too, and what he wouldn’t give to take her home and warm her up…

Goddamn, she was out of his league.


Friday, August 17th, 2012

Leave Me Breathless is available for pre-order at Amazon! So exciting! :D

Click here…to go there…

Update: I’ve also found it at Barnes & Noble, and in the Apple store.

Thursday, August 9th, 2012
Unleashed on iBooks

A few of you have written me to ask why Unleashed can’t be found at the Apple store. I’d wondered that myself, so I shot an email to my publisher, and because they’re awesome, they got to the bottom of it in a hurry and I’m happy to report it should be available now. At least, it just turned up when I ran a search for it. :)

So enjoy, and as always, thanks for your amazing support!

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012
Leave Me Breathless Playlist

I know it’s still a little while until the release, but I thought I’d go ahead and let you in on the tunes that wired me and inspired me while weaving Ghost and Macy’s tale. This time, a few are mentioned in the book, but most were just behind-the-scenes motivators, and I always love adding to playlists later when I find something that really fits. So it could change.

But I’m sure the first song really needs no mention, as I’ve only talked about it a dozen times. If you’ve somehow missed all that, do yourself a favor and seek out the video. It’s just…augh. The greatest.


Leave Me Breathless Playlist:

“The Promise” by In This Moment f/Adrian Patrick from Otherwise
“No Ordinary Love” by The Deftones
“Hold On” by All That Remains
“Scream” by Avenged Sevenfold
“Drop the Match” by Winds of Plague
“All For Me” by In Flames
“Prophecy” by Soulfly
“Kiss” by Korn
“The Jester Race” by In Flames
“Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd (you’ll see!)
“Perseverance” by Hatebreed
“Storm to Pass” by Atreyu
“Black” by Trivium
“The Air That I Breathe” by All That Remains

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012
Blurb and Excerpt

Hello my lovelies! I just finished setting up the book page for Leave Me Breathless, which includes the blurb and… da da DUM!… the first OFFICIAL excerpt.

Check it out here.

November will be here before you know it, right? I can’t wait!

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