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Monday, November 18th, 2013
New Cover Art!

So. If you’ve noticed the disparity between the Unleashed cover and the rest of the Ross siblings series, you aren’t alone. Part of this is my fault–I never did foresee making this a series when I first wrote Unleashed. So the covers of the books don’t form the cohesive unit that they should, because I insisted this wouldn’t be a series. :p Anyway, now that I realize how wrong I was, the team at Samhain has presented me with a brand new Unleashed cover. And it’s yummy! And it’s awesome! And…EVAN! 

So without further ado, I present the new face of my very first published novel, UNLEASHED.


Monday, November 12th, 2012

What a wild ride the last week has been! Leave Me Breathless has performed so far beyond my expectations that I’m…well, left breathless! Right now, it’s at #7 in the Kindle store. Not in Contemporary, not in Romance, but over-freaking-all. How unbelievable is that!

I’m overjoyed that it’s doing so well. The only problem with this success is that I don’t think I can single-handedly answer all of the various correspondence I’ve received, as I’m also working WILDLY on a project. More on that later. I hope you can understand. What I decided to do is address the most frequently asked questions I’ve received here in one place, and maybe if you see these questions brought up elsewhere, at Goodreads or Facebook and such, you can get the word out for me. Or just keep it to yourself and be in the know. ;)

The main questions I’ve received are “Why no epilogue for Leave Me Breathless?” and “What’s next for you?” — and of course a statement: “Please write more in this series!” I can pretty much answer all of those together.

The reason there isn’t a prologue in LMB is the same reason there isn’t one in Rock Me. I’m not through with these guys! Gabriella’s book is next–you’ll see a lot of Brian and Candace in that one. A lot of Evan and Kelsey, too.  It’ll kind of wrap up all their stories. Ghost and Macy…well, they were a monkey wrench tossed into the Ross siblings, but I’ll probably cook up something for them too–though I doubt it will be a full novel. Another reason is that I’m just not ready to send these guys down the aisle yet. I’m *certainly* not ready to give them babies. I love them carefree, spontaneous and without responsibility…and babies kinda take that away. Sorry, but they do! :) So I wouldn’t look for that. Evan and Kelsey were more than ready for a kid. These guys…I can’t even wrap my head around the thought at the moment.

Now, about that mystery project I mentioned. It’s a Christmas novella starring Brian and Candace. It will appear in an anthology with several other FABULOUS authors. The best part? We’re desperately trying to move this thing out to you guys NEXT WEEK for the Thanksgiving holiday. Awesome, right? The title I’m kicking around is “Light Me Up.” It just jumped out at me from a bit of cute dialogue they share. Oh, how I love these guys. I’m really excited about this; I hope you are, too.

As for what’s next beyond the Ross siblings…well, I’m not sure! But I’ll definitely keep you updated.

Any other Q’s, just leave them in comments and I’ll *try* to get to them. Once this novella is finished, I’ll have some breathing room. I’ll be forever grateful to you guys for all your support. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


Thursday, August 9th, 2012
Unleashed on iBooks

A few of you have written me to ask why Unleashed can’t be found at the Apple store. I’d wondered that myself, so I shot an email to my publisher, and because they’re awesome, they got to the bottom of it in a hurry and I’m happy to report it should be available now. At least, it just turned up when I ran a search for it. :)

So enjoy, and as always, thanks for your amazing support!

Monday, August 15th, 2011

I just put all my books up at Kindlegraph! Pretty sweet. So if you want a Kindlegraph from me, just head on over and request one–or all!

Thursday, November 11th, 2010
Contest Time!


The contest is now closed! Thanks for participating!

I have a few print copies of Unleashed on my shelf and they aren’t doing anyone any good sitting there collecting dust! So just click here to shoot me an email sometime before 11:59 p.m. CST on Sunday, November 21, 2010, and I’ll randomly draw three winners to receive autographed copies. I’ll announce the winners the evening of Monday the 22nd. Be assured I won’t subscribe you to any newsletters or mailing lists or anything like that without your permission.

Couldn’t be easier, right?

Best of luck!

Sunday, May 9th, 2010
Thank You!

As I’m writing this, Rock Me has been holding at #1 at MBaM since Wednesday night, and I’ve noticed Unleashed has peeked back in on the Contemporary bestseller list there. Rock Me is currently #5 in Romance at Mobipocket and Unleashed is #27.

I just want to thank each and every reader who has bought my books. I am so grateful to all of you and I thoroughly hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

And to all the moms out there, have a very happy Mother’s Day!

Monday, January 18th, 2010
January Excerpt Monday: Unleashed

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Once a month, a bunch of authors get together and post excerpts from published books, contracted work or works in progress, and link to each other. You don’t have to be published to participate–just a writer with an excerpt you’d like to share. For more info on how to participate, head over to the Excerpt Monday site or click on the banner.

Since I’m celebrating the release of Unleashed in print on February 2nd, here’s a never-before-released excerpt…and this one’s on the steamy side. Enjoy!

Evan watched Kelsey giggle as she tried in vain to get control of her neck muscles. A sense of dread was fast overtaking his thoughts. “Are you okay?” he asked after a moment, and the question shocked her eyes fully open.

“Sure am. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because I realize now that pitcher of ’ritas I made is just about empty.”

“Ohhhh…’m sorry, didja want more? Is my head moving?”

Yep. Blitzed. She’d probably be puking in no time. “No and yes. Kelsey, how long has it been since you had anything to drink?”

She giggled again. She was doing a lot of that. Her eyes closed. “Dunno. Can’t remember. Long time.”

“Looks like you can’t hold your liquor, honey.”

Her brows drew together, her lips forming a perfect pout. She cracked open one eye to peer up at him. “I can too lick my holder.”

Evan burst into laughter and pulled her against him. She was damn near dead weight. Party’s over. “I bet you can. Come on, up we go.” When he stood, she flopped over on the couch without him there to support her. He slid one arm under her back and his other behind her knees. She grumbled incoherently when he lifted her… Christ, she was featherlight in his arms. He was glad he’d shoveled food down her all night. Now if she could just hang on to it. He should have noticed the gradual depletion of the pitcher of margaritas.

One small lamp in a far corner was the only illumination in his bedroom as he carried her inside cradled in his arms. The clock on his nightstand told him in glowing red that it was a quarter till three. Kelsey snuggled into his chest, and he tried to ignore the smoothness of her bare legs across his forearm. Like warm, tantalizing silk. He sat her on his bed, supporting her weight as he pulled back the comforter. Still, she managed to escape his grip and began to topple backward.

“Whoa,” he laughed, reaching for her as her eyes popped open and she grabbed for him before she could land. “I got you.”

“Evan…” she murmured, wrapping her soft arms around his neck. Their position had her lips near his ear. She’d lost her headband somewhere. He could smell the strawberry of her shampoo, feel the tickle of her sluggish breath stirring his hair. “Evan.”

“Kelsey. Move over here, lie down.”

She pulled back slightly, her bleary eyes trying to focus on his. The weight of her head still seemed too much for her neck to support and her hair flowed over his arm. “Evan, I always liked you.”

“I always liked you, too, honey.” The way she kept saying his name in that intoxicated purr, savoring the v between her teeth and her bottom lip, was unnerving. Unnerving, hell. It had his dick twitching in his pants. “Come on, girl, you need to sleep it off.”

“I mean I like liked you.”

Shit. Most people who uttered careless words while drunk tended to blame it on the alcohol later. He’d always found it to be the time when the truth came out. Danger signals were going off in his brain. “You’re drunk. Sleep.”

Though she was most likely oblivious to his commands, he didn’t like how desperate his voice was starting to sound to his own ears.

“No I’m not.” Her silly lopsided grin belied her words as she finally obeyed his coaxing and crawled to the spot he’d cleared. He pulled the covers up for her as she settled against the pillow and peered up at him. The heat in her eyes as she did so damn near destroyed him. “I don’ wanna sleep.” She kicked, flinging the covers off just as he got them arranged. “Don’ need all that, I’m hot. I’m too hot.”

Was she ever. He raked a hand through his hair. For such a little thing, her legs seemed to go on forever, long and sleek. He could only imagine the silken glide her inner thighs would be against his fingertips. Her shirt had ridden up to bare her flat midriff, where her belly ring winked at him in the dim lighting—damn, that was sexy, and so out of place on her. Her breasts strained against the tight little shirt, and the friction had her nipples peaking beneath the fabric.

Her hands caught his face, surprising him. He should have moved away from her long ago, before she could get her hands on him. As it was, he felt like a fly caught in the sticky gossamer of a spider’s den. “Always wanted to fuck you, y’know that? Even when I was a virgin.”

He drew in a breath, exhaled it shakily. So much for prudish.

Note to self: Kelsey now gets unbelievably horny when drunk.

She licked her lips, staring into his eyes with surprising clarity for someone who had nearly passed out moments ago. The glint of moisture her tongue left behind was mesmerizing. He wanted to taste it. The heat of her palms sank into his flesh. She was burning up. Her legs were haphazardly parted, still tangled in the covers, and he could scent her arousal, musky and sweet.

“It’s not going to happen, Kelsey.” His voice probably sounded as firm as a little girl’s, but he gave it his best shot. All his strength had drained to his dick. It pushed against his zipper until he thought it might burst through if he didn’t release it soon. “You’ve had too much to drink.”

That pout resurfaced, but he was astounded at the pain that leaked into her gray eyes. It was…real, and raw, not some byproduct of an inebriated mind.

“You don’ want me. Why’d you never want me?” She was rubbing her thighs together now, the action only causing her scent to waft stronger into his nostrils. Like witchcraft, it drew him toward her, made the mental filmstrip of tearing her shorts off and sinking into her tight wet heat play over and over again in his head…until it obliterated all else: morals, rationale, sanity. And he had never wanted her. Right.

God, she would feel so good closing in around him. He’d deprived himself for too long. She took one of his hands and laid it flat on her belly, then pushed it down toward the place she needed it. Her stomach muscles pulled taut beneath his reluctant touch, and that skin was hot and satiny. She leaned upward, parting her lush pink lips in wanton invitation.


It was one thing for two people to get hammered and go at each other. It was quite another when one of them had full control of his faculties and the other had none. Criminal even, and he could never take advantage of her like that. But he’d never been quite so tempted, he had to give her that much.

He pulled his hand away from hers and went to stand. She emitted some incoherent whimper that ripped at his heart, completely decimating it when the sound formed into words. “Don’t leave…don’t leave me like this…please…”

No other hetero male on the planet could have endured the sight of her all disheveled in his bed, writhing and senseless and begging him to fuck her, without falling on her like a rutting animal. He should be declared saint of all the world to have lasted this long. If he hadn’t known her for all these years, he couldn’t have stopped himself.

Beads of sweat had formed on her forehead; one trickled back into her hair. The skin above her neckline glistened in the soft lighting. She was in flames, and he’d hardly put a hand on her.

“Don’t do this to me, Kel.”

“Please,” she whispered again, gazing up at him, utterly smashed but still capable of all the determined longing that came along with such a state. She wouldn’t let herself pass out until she got it. “Do something. Touch me. God, I need it…”

The husky plea pushed him past his breaking point. She sounded like a different woman. He couldn’t give her everything she wanted, but if he could satisfy her without losing his mind, maybe she would pass out.

“Take off your shorts,” he whispered, knowing with brutal certainty that he was going to hell. The only consolation was the hope that she wouldn’t remember anything in the morning. He knew her, and she would be mortified. But if she did remember…well, they would deal with it. “I’ll make it better.”


Was it good for you? Unleashed is available here in ebook format. Or check out more excerpts here.

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