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Sunday, September 7th, 2014

It’s been a while since I gave you guys an update. That’s because something really cool happened over the summer. While it’s amazingly awesome, it sort of threw a few things into question… like a release date for Starla’s book. But I’ll let you in on what I know!

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve signed with Louise Fury of the Bent Agency. She and I met at the RWA conference in San Antonio, and I felt we just clicked–one of those meant-to-be moments. While I can’t really speak of anything we have planned, just know that I LOVE the ideas she has for the future of the Ross Siblings series. But yeah, it does mean that I have no idea what’s in store for Starla’s book, but since my kids have been back in school, I’ve been working like a fiend on it. And I love how it’s coming along. I hope you do too!

To help with your wait for her story, though, I’m going to give you a little something in the meantime to whet your appetite for the Dermamania crew, so never fear. I’m shooting for a November 4th release on it (my son’s birthday!)–a novella to update you on the crew and give a peek of the things to come.

Before THAT, I’m going to release my standalone novella, SHAMELESS, which appeared in the SOME LIKE IT HOT anthology, on its own. That should be coming along in September. I’ll share more details when it’s all ready to go.

Thank you so much for your support for my series, and for your patience. Much love to you all; I hope you had a wonderful summer. I did! But now it’s time to work. Stay tuned… 

Thursday, September 5th, 2013
Take Me On

Finally, FINALLY, as of about 3:15 a.m. this very morning, Take Me On–the third and final book of the Ross Siblings series, is safe and sound with my editor…and damn, am I tired. This freaking summer cold is kicking my butt, and I can only hope my sleep-deprived ramblings make any kind of sense to my wonderful editor. :D Assuming they do, and all is well, you can look for the book to release in digital format on December 17, 2013. Print will come much later in 2014, which is my publisher’s usual schedule.

I’ve managed to get the book page all set up, so take a peek here! It’s complete with the cover and blurb, and I’ll be getting an excerpt and a playlist up soon.

I hope all of you had a fabulous summer. As mentioned on the Latest News page, Take Me On may be the final Ross book, but I’m sure I’m not done with the Dermamania crew. Starla is talking to me now. Wonder what could be in store for her? :D

All my best to you guys!

Monday, February 4th, 2013
What I’m Doing

It’s been a while since I’ve given you guys an update. Sorry about that! But the good news is, I’m writing to you, right now on Monday morning around 9:30 am or so, from my HOME office. Why? Because I’ve quit my day job. Also, I’ve quit my editing job (yes, I had three jobs, counting the writing). I’ve cleared everything I possibly could from my schedule so I can devote my full attention to writing. Of course, I couldn’t sell my kids off or anything like that, so they’re still around. :D But with the youngest still in day care and starting pre-K this fall, and the oldest in high school, they aren’t around to distract me for most of the day, at least for now. Whew.

So it’s time to tell you what’s on the horizon, now that I have no excuses. :) My MOST often asked question is will there be any follow-up books to Rock Me or Leave Me Breathless. Well…hopefully you know about “Light Me Up,” that naughty little number in the A Very Naughty Christmas anthology. It’s a short follow-up to Brian and Candace. Check it out! The thing I’m working on now is a novella for Ghost and Macy–it isn’t a follow-up, but a prequel. Ever wondered exactly what happened in the car before the events of Leave Me Breathless? You’ll find out. After that, it’s full steam ahead on Gabriella Ross’s book, wherein you will see them all again.

So. As far as any novel-length follow-ups where these guys are the main characters…no, probably not. Other writers do that, and kudos to them. Me? I kinda want to move on to other things once my characters get their happy-ever-after (I’m usually SICK of them by then, lol). But it’s always fun to revisit. I hope that answers your questions, but if not then feel free to fire away at me here. :)

I’d REALLY love to meet a lot of you on June 29 in Orlando, Florida at Maryse’s Book Bash. I’ll be there signing Rock Me and Unleashed–unfortunately LMB won’t be in print by then (October 1, in case you were wondering). I hope you can make it out.

And last but not least, I hope you are having a fabulous 2013 so far, and here’s to a PRODUCTIVE one for me!

All my best,

Monday, November 12th, 2012

What a wild ride the last week has been! Leave Me Breathless has performed so far beyond my expectations that I’m…well, left breathless! Right now, it’s at #7 in the Kindle store. Not in Contemporary, not in Romance, but over-freaking-all. How unbelievable is that!

I’m overjoyed that it’s doing so well. The only problem with this success is that I don’t think I can single-handedly answer all of the various correspondence I’ve received, as I’m also working WILDLY on a project. More on that later. I hope you can understand. What I decided to do is address the most frequently asked questions I’ve received here in one place, and maybe if you see these questions brought up elsewhere, at Goodreads or Facebook and such, you can get the word out for me. Or just keep it to yourself and be in the know. ;)

The main questions I’ve received are “Why no epilogue for Leave Me Breathless?” and “What’s next for you?” — and of course a statement: “Please write more in this series!” I can pretty much answer all of those together.

The reason there isn’t a prologue in LMB is the same reason there isn’t one in Rock Me. I’m not through with these guys! Gabriella’s book is next–you’ll see a lot of Brian and Candace in that one. A lot of Evan and Kelsey, too.  It’ll kind of wrap up all their stories. Ghost and Macy…well, they were a monkey wrench tossed into the Ross siblings, but I’ll probably cook up something for them too–though I doubt it will be a full novel. Another reason is that I’m just not ready to send these guys down the aisle yet. I’m *certainly* not ready to give them babies. I love them carefree, spontaneous and without responsibility…and babies kinda take that away. Sorry, but they do! :) So I wouldn’t look for that. Evan and Kelsey were more than ready for a kid. These guys…I can’t even wrap my head around the thought at the moment.

Now, about that mystery project I mentioned. It’s a Christmas novella starring Brian and Candace. It will appear in an anthology with several other FABULOUS authors. The best part? We’re desperately trying to move this thing out to you guys NEXT WEEK for the Thanksgiving holiday. Awesome, right? The title I’m kicking around is “Light Me Up.” It just jumped out at me from a bit of cute dialogue they share. Oh, how I love these guys. I’m really excited about this; I hope you are, too.

As for what’s next beyond the Ross siblings…well, I’m not sure! But I’ll definitely keep you updated.

Any other Q’s, just leave them in comments and I’ll *try* to get to them. Once this novella is finished, I’ll have some breathing room. I’ll be forever grateful to you guys for all your support. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


Friday, June 22nd, 2012
Oh, and another thing

You guys waiting patiently for Leave Me Breathless might want to find November in your 2012 calendar, and draw a big red heart and stars around it… lol. :)

More specific details to come.

Update: Look for it on November 6! Yay!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Ghost and Macy are shaping up to have a longer story than Brian and Candace. I’m sure that’s probably good news to you guys, but I’m not so sure it’s good news to me. More work! lol. After numerous starts and stops, after completely scrapping chapters upon chapters and crying and starting over from scratch more times than I care to admit, Leave Me Breathless now stands at 70K words. That’s novel length. A shorter novel, but still a novel. And there’s still some story to tell. So I’m looking at a true 100K novel for them. To think it was originally supposed to be only a novella. Ha! Looks like I got carried away, right? There’s just so much to these guys.

I think this is the first book I’ve published that had a title before I was done with it. It’s certainly the first to already have its dedication written before I’ve even submitted it. Believe me, I know *just* who this one is for. :-)

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

I am crushing. SO. FREAKING. HARD.

And I totally never noticed “Leave me breathless” was a lyric in this song, but now that Adrian Patrick has sung it, it is DEFINITELY the title of Ghost’s book. It’s like fate. :p (Unless my editor makes me change it for some reason, that is…which I really can’t see happening.)

But WOW!! He is just…INCREDIBLE! I love the original song, but I must say he’s done it justice. Love the screams too. *drool*

I hope these guys blow up HUGE.

Thursday, April 19th, 2012
OMG, Y’all

They got me a little sniffly tonight. :) This is fresh on the page, too, so as always please forgive anything that isn’t polished.


Reaching up, she captured his face between her hands. She could gaze at it from now on, she realized. So full of character, so beautiful. She’d laughed more with him in the past couple of weeks than she had in the entire year. And she had to leave him. The thought of not touching him, not hearing his own laughter in her ear or seeing that devilish glint in his eyes for who knew how long, laid her heart wide open.

“I’m really going to miss you,” she said, hating how banal it sounded. If these damn threatening tears began to win out, she was going to have to let them. They would speak more for her feelings than her voice ever could.

“Macy…” Her transition into his arms was seamless; she didn’t know if she went into them or if he pulled her in first—it was simply a fluid, instinctive motion. As if they both knew she belonged there.

“I don’t know what to say,” he breathed into her hair, squeezing the air from her. “Fuck. Just wait for me.”

That was all he needed to say.

“I will.”


(Do you hate me yet?)

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Woo hoo! You might have seen me mention Otherwise in a previous post. I became interested in these guys when I heard Adrian Patrick sing “The Promise” with In This Moment. *swoon* I thought, WHOA, he’s incredible. I gotta look that dude up. So I did. At the time, his band Otherwise was unsigned. They have since remedied that, and their first video, for their single “Soldiers,” debuted today.

I guess I’m so excited for them because, as someone stated on Youtube, they are a testament to never giving up on your dreams.

Another reason could be because I love following his hijinks on Facebook and Adrian actually wished me happy birthday there last year. *sigh*

Yet another could be because Adrian Patrick has become my Ghost. Oh, yes. He doesn’t have to be your Ghost, but he is SO totally my Ghost. :-)


Saturday, March 24th, 2012
In Flames

I am so obsessed with this song. It’s been on repeat on my iTunes for days. For that, In Flames gets the distinction of being Ghost’s favorite band. And this song will certainly make the soundtrack. Enjoy!

All For Me by In Flames…
I burn when I do the things I do for you

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